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2023 November 26Immunomodulators coming soon!

In the ever-evolving landscape of biotechnology, the release of a comprehensive range of Immunomodulators marks a significant leap forward. The journey begins with the inclusion of Human Cytokines, ranging from hIL-1 to hIL-32, and will extend its reach with the addition of Mouse variants.

With the first portion of our library (Human Cytokines) releasing in January, OspreyBio's centralized repository of these therapeutically relevant effectors will enable users to quickly compare and contrast critical elements across different species' cells, cell types, and more facilitating more effective experimentation and hypothesis testing. Such a resource accelerates the discovery of new treatments and cures, as it streamlines the research process and fosters collaboration. Ultimately, this library could be instrumental in unlocking new therapeutic pathways, leading to groundbreaking treatments for a variety of complex diseases.

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